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General FAQs about using Medroster

Medroster is a HIPAA-secure communications platform for the medical community. Our purpose is to make communication between doctors, their staff and patients more safe and efficient by simulating how you communicate in real life. Medroster is cross-platform and works across desktop, iOS, Android, and tablet.

A "Place" is just another word we use to refer to any medical business or establishment.

A "Space" is what we call a department or subdivision within your Place. Like most businesses, yours is likely comprised of different offices. In our effort to streamline communications within your business, we allow users to virtually recreate the structure of their business to give users the ability to communicate with the right people every time. This also provides a layer of security by ensuring only the people who are meant to view communications are able to.

Currently, the medical community is behind the times when it comes to technology. Any business model that still relies on the FAX machine could sure use an update.

When you first log in to Medroster, you will be asked to create Spaces (or departments) for your business. After you add your staff, you can assign each staff user to the department they work in normally. This serves several functions:

  • All communications within each space are secure and cannot be seen by users without access (HIPAA).
  • You can choose to communicate with an entire department rather than each person individually, saving valuable time.
  • Patient users can directly communicate with the department/person they need rather than going through a receptionist - allowing your staff to avoid sorting through emails and time-consuming phone calls.

Medroster is currently free to use.

Medroster communications are encrypted and are HIPAA compliant.

Medroster is accessible for all doctors, staff, and patients on mobile. Doctors and staff can access Medroster on every platform, while patients are only able to access Medroster through the application on Android or iOS. The Medroster application will be available for medical professionals soon.

To sign up for Medroster, you must have an NPI number or be invited by a member with NPI number to ensure HIPAA compliance and security.

If you are a patient, your doctor will have to sign you up.

To comply with HIPAA standards, we must verify the identity of every user. If you are having an issue signing in, we will notify you of the issue shortly and attempt to resolve your case.

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